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This may be a little more difficult, but I propose that we create a team project that is focused on presenting pictures in the style of some photographer. I was actually thinking, in the style of a fellow Holiker. Either, we pick one person, or we each present a photo and say, this is in the style of ________, because ______. What do you think?


Outstanding staging, Stephen. Very strict in fact. 3 layers constituted by sky, tents and footpath, angular cut by the tents with strong converging lines. Here I would say that b/w is a must. The picture is nicely simplified by  3 elements tents in a line, man and shadow of street light. A little masterpiece. Reason to be proud and to forget the shit weather this weekend....Best wishes, Frank
Well seen Francis :)
nice to see the team project is working now
Very nice Francis like I said in the past about this photo ;)
Thank you :)
Unfortunately I got the "error on page" when I tried to comment on your photo as well Nono, but unlike my attempt on Francis' picture I saved my comment; see below.

"The content is nice and HCB like, the burning is more like Sohrab when he was printing and not using flash. I like the photograph, I probably wouldn't burn and dodge so much, but that's my personal taste. Could explain why my photos never strike me as dramatic. Anyhow, good to see this shot."
Love the shot Francis, I wrote a whole thing about it...but I got the dreaded "error on the page" note and could not send the comment. In frustration I've decided to say...excellent interpretation.
HCB? This is pretty good, Arnaud, all about the compositionreally, in tricky light. There is an epic quality about the shot - bits of Salgado in there for sure. Nice one!
What's going on with the boy at the front? It looks like you've used the dodge and cloning tool too much.
 The projet seems very interesting and can be also really funny...I will try to do something. 
Why would you prefer style of HCB over style of Homerhomer?

Probably because it's impossible to go in that way ... so unpredictable, so fragile ;)
Impossible to "reproduce" :)

Hope you are fine Peter

And thanks to Chris for this project !

Sounds good...I should be able to scan and upload some time early next week, so don't count me out if you don't see anything right away from me.

I think we could keep it open and each person says who they're photo  is inspired by/looks like etc...Although, it would be fun to pick one and see what everyone puts up. Sorta like how people see different things in the same photo.
Salgado is good, that would be difficult tone wise; he has such a distinctive look to his B&W. Of course, there is always Sal Leiter to add a little color to this group project (I think he would take people out of their comfort zone as well).
Why would you prefer style of HCB over style of Homerhomer?
I am deeply offended.
 Brilliant idea, Chris - really wonderful, and a great way to get things rolling again.
I propose "in the style of.....HCB" or some other famous Magnum guy rather than "in the style of Homerhomer".
Some candidates that are really exciting:
Alex Webb
Bruce Gilden (ouch!)