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created on 15-01-2008
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I have been shooting for a while in Paris, even though I will never claim it's my favorite field.
I have been shooting for a while in BW, even though I tend more often forget to load TriX in my Leica camera.

After this while, I think I may have shot enough stuff during these 10 to 15 last years to illustrate a project in Paris. Even though I have never followed any plan for a particular photo project, as far as I remember, I have always shot my pictures with a similar mood, probably too aware and respectful of the photo classics who still haunt the streets.  

Hence I will introduce you to my ramblings in Paris in 20 photos, no more, no less... why should it be 20? As you may know or not Paris elects his mayor from 20 urban districts, rolled around the city center and unfolding the spiraling district numbers counterclockwise, like a snail shell. You have to know that each of these numbers plays a different music to the ears of the genuine parisian inhabitant. Districts are more or less like villages boasting their own urban glories or the social class of their settlers. To each district number is associated a specific social class and the political opinion to go with : as in many cities, your address will often reveal your lifestyle. If a parisian asks you in which district you live, it might be more to assess your social style than for sheer geographical curiosity.

This is how I'll try to show you Paris from the inside, less of a sequential linear project, this is more a numbered collection of parisian sights. I don't really know where I'm going (except digging deep into my negs), as I have just a few shots in my mind... at least it'll give me opportunities to shoot in Paris.

In fact, Jorrit was quite inspirational with this project, I think it should be MANDATORY for any of us to upload a long term project on our city, like Milan for Jorrit, Tokyo for Francis, or Washington for Chris, Budapest for Sasa or Bangkok for... Simon ;-D  are doing.    


Luko, hello. I am dreadfully sorry not to have commented at all on this project that keeps me in a continuous state of awe, with each and every upload. (There have been a long period of me not having been present here in the winter/spring) The idea is excellent--the districts of the city as seen by your Summicron lens... but the way you have pulled it together is yet another topic. These are shots that should be in an album, and I hope you'll follow up on this. The feeling of Paris is palpable, it feels I am walking on the streets and am a Parisienne myself... sigh! There's a feeling of HCB and Brassai, if you don't mind, in some of these, they are decisive moments that do not take sadness or misery as their subjects (which often happens in award-winning street photography) but something very warm and human everyday occurrence. A project whose 30 "districts" I could put piece by piece into my favs--I rather pack them in all at once. Very inspirational!

BTW, in Budapest, the district is also indicative of the class (well, more or less, by now) of its inhabitants.