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created on 25-03-2011
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On the surface, life has is returning to normal, that is to say the Japanese are rushing to the morning trains, pushing and shoving to get to the kaisha on time. They're wearing the same old suits, they have their game face on... But underneath some things have changed forever.

Hundreds of aftershocks following the Big One have badly rattled our nerves. People are sleeping badly, the stress at work is palpable. The need to conserve electricity because of the mess at the Fuskushima nuclear plant means we work in darkness, and on grey days it is very dark indeed at the office, table lit only by the light from PC screens.

Innocent things like rain now carry an ominous weight, reminding people of the Black Rain that followed the first A Bomb at Hisroshima.

This modest little project in monochrome aims to convey what corporate life is like after March 11, in a country that has lost half of the main island to nature's fury, while wondering when the radiation will finally stop.



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