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created on 11-01-2011
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Spent ten nights in Morocco during the holiday break. Flew into Casablanca on the 25th of Dec, spent one night, took the train next morning to Marrakech. Spent three nights in Marrakech which included a day trip to Essaouira, a small fishing town on the Atlantic coast. Then moved to Fes where I spent another three nights. Next stop Chefchaouen, a small hippie town in the Rif mountains. After spending two nights there I moved to Tangier. Two more nights there, then crossed the strait and went to Granada, Spain. Flew back home on the 8th.  


This is one of  the best series I've seen on Holik. By far the best in many months.
As I already said each image holds your signature.
Thanks to show us these, I truly enjoyed every single frame.