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created on 07-12-2007
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I am in bkk for 3 month, and i spend most of my day and night walking in Bangkok.
this project is not a reportage, i will not tell any story, just want to show some pictures, some peoples, some  moment like a dream, like the movie i made when i took those picture. If i would love explain this project, i would like to use some words like , feeling, mood, emotion, movie, dream. Hope you will follow my feeling in this project. To maintain a coherence in this project, i will post just color picture, this project is a new experimentation for me, another way to show this city Bangkok.


Luko says maybe more of a "Magnolia" feel - a subtle comment which I can understand in terms of leitmotif, of undercurrents but not necessarily appearance (or patina) there I think Wang Kar Wai is pretty much there, though there is more RED in his night...

You kn kow I've admired the way you work for years, and sure one can say there is a certain "Fkydragon look" certain compositional patterns, or cliches if you will but I have also learned something else, two things really:
1. Having tried more than  once to do a "FLydragon", it is not as easy as it looks ;o)
2. There is a great deal of compassion and empathy behind the lens, you do try to engage your subjects (except the sleeing ones ;o), with the aid of a local contact, and again that is not easy to emulate.
All this to say that at your best, and here you are minfestly at your best, you are a very accomplished photographer with a particular whimsical, gentle viewpoint renforced by stunning technique and PP knowhow.
It's a very powerful combination...
As for me I'm not sure it's "In the mood for love", strange as it may sound to you, if it were a movie, I'd rather make a parallel with "Magnolia"... looks like separate languishing individual dreams, all looking their own way, locked into their own existence... though there's a metalink uniting this set of pictures, probably the light and the colors, also a sense of time (the dreaming, either sleeping of looking away, the clock on the wall is also a repeated pattern,...) and of course the city of Bangkok. It seems like in Magnolia movie, some extraordinary event will give a common meaning to the life of these people.

I 'm a bugger to numbers and presentation. when looking at the collection, 13 makes one image too many. You have to focus on 3 sets of 4 pictures to make it square, it's all about rythm, hence you need to sacrifice one image. I suggest "three women" are not dreamy enough to cope with the Magnolia mood (infact they live your life, looking at you, not their own)

There's something that pleases me enough in the whole. I was looking at the start of your muay thai project, whereas single photos cannot be faulted. The set already takes a redundant look, I was wondering why when I discovered something. It owes to the proportion of the human being into a classic Simon frame. Roughly, one third of the frame is occupied with a human presence, which added to a very steady processing, gives it a repetitive feel, even though you had used different lenses. The good thing in this project "in the mood for" is that the human ration is much varied : shots like "lonely man", "some work" or even "girls" give a very dirfferent "flesh ratio" than for instance "feel sleepy" or "3 women" (watch out your titles...;)..) .

So watch out the next photos uploaded in Muay Thai.   
Stunning work here Simon, the title is bang on apt! What a MOOD you created. Here is an example of what coherent editing in pp, coherent thinking from the start with the camera and great skill will do. You tackled a vague subject and made it concrete, palpable and heres my congratulaions.
hi fly,

No-one is save in Bangkok when the doggyshow is in town. But there is no worry, all is in save masterly skilful hands as we know. This series is very nice…mi piace tanto as the Italians say ;)
What strikes me the most is the tranquillity and slow pace the people in most of your shot seem to have. Not at all what I expect from a city as big as that, but at the right time in the right place we see it is possible to turn a metropolis into a rural town.
You had something to tell us with this series and you told it in a beautiful way… congrats

Hello Fly
I suppose the photoholik have a strong meaning when we can see some great project in their whole.
I love sincerly your project, and nevermind if it is not a reportage because we can read your pictures as a story, your pictures are so soft and  we are touched by the emotion the mood of each scene Simon.
It is funny because it reminds me that film not because of the title because of the atmosphere, in this movie each plan can be a picture

Have a great time there and I wish you an happy thai Christmas

Salut Fly, this is one of the best series that has ever haunted me. Your new yellowish cool tones, the fine compositions, your utter sensitivity to light and soul, are definitely to be pulled together in a publication. Incredible offering, a definite inspiration and favourite.