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created on 19-11-2010
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Disheartened by the indifference endemic to this site, I have decided to simplify this project and upload only those shots from the recent Tori No Ichi festival in Shinjuku that pertain to the Yakuza. This time the gangsters showed up this time in force and pretty much dominated the proceedings. No attempt at discretion, they were right there in their black suits with their pencil thin mustaches and slick hair - brazen, and in your face. My wife who comes form Shinjuku and has lived here all her life said she had never seen the yakuza this close or so many at a time - her jaw just dropped.

I don't suppose there will be much interest in this project either but I will tell you this: these furtive, sometimes blurry glimpses of Tokyo's underworld are about as revealing a bunch of portraits as I have ever taken and I sand by them.


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