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created on 02-10-2010
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Khari Baoli in Old Delhi, is the largest spice market in the world, and it is as quintessentially Indian as anything else you're likely to stumble into in that stately capital.

On two separate mornings I wandered around Khari Baoli. The first time I got there with the help of a savvy rickshaw driver who guided me all the way up to the roof of the thing, from which you could see the neighboring mosque and half of Old Delhi. This was several hours before opening time and I saw an entire community of day laborers and vagrants who live there, scraping by as best they can.

The second morning I showed up after opening time and saw the retail side of the operation.

There s a dark look to these pictures et I did not find the place or the people depressing. I hope these images don't lead to misunderstandings. I was amazed by much of what I saw, especially the resilience of the spice workers to whom I dedicate this thing...


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