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During the World Cup 2006, the House of Music, Porto,  promoted at the Pedro Hispano Hospital a  of musical workshop with children and adults interned in that unit of health. The participants were guided by Tim Steiner, Samantha Mason, with the participation of Tom Rainer, David Harrison.

In elapsing of these sessions the Portuguese patients and the English musicians had improvised/composed a hymn of praise to the Portuguese national team and had given freedom to its poetical vein, with the collective writing of the following lyric of deep poetical pendor:

Go aheadPortugal/ You have  no equal one/ United we win the cup/ and the others not even raise/ We even eat them (if necessary)/ Just show us your race/Choir: Deco, Maniche, Good Death and Figo Costinha, Ricardo Carvalho Romaldo…

It was a unforgettable and unique afternoon.

Matosinhos, 2006



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