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created on 26-06-2010
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A photovoltaic conference brought me to Honolulu. The official conference hotel is the hilton hawaii village which is essentially a mall under the sun. You really don't have to go anywhere, whatever you want is within three meters from you. You do not need to even go to the beach which is about 50 meters from the resort pool which is bluer than all the oceans and the seas of the world combined. Honolulu and especially Waikiki are uninspiring (much better than Maspalomas though). However, I took a day off from the conference and drove around the island of Oahu along the shore. The view is simply breathtaking. As you move away from Honolulu and go closer to the north shore, the beaches get empty, the super-sized and tacky restaurants get replaced by little prawn and shrimp joints and fruit vendors, and you do indeed accept that there is a good reason why people call it paradise.

Here is a compilation offew shots from the beaches of Oahu.



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