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created on 09-05-2010
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Doel keeps pulling me back in.
The village is near deserted by now. Yet most houses are still left standing. The bulldozers have yet to come.
This series will contain diptychs of the houses inside out..... 


A very interesting projet, original, well managed and with great technical skills. I have found very interesting your way to show the outside and the inside of a same place. The graphisme it's on the firts row, playing with symetries, analogies, or the contrast; but at the same time it's not just something material, concret, and with no feeling, non, an special feeling it's persons, but the feeling that somewhere the human is there. The ruins and dirty or the funny paintings, the colourfoul and the darkness, the hope and the pain...the red heart, and the last picture with the "handicap sign". The question can be: Showing the inside out of a place, ara you showing the human ? I think yes, and you have done it briliant!

I hope you will follow whit this projet, there are still a lot to do.