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created on 17-02-2010
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Without actually realising it I was photographing a lot in and around the buildings from one architect: Renaat Braem.
For both "around the block" and "O joy" these buildings in my own neighbourhood and in Hoboken attracted me. I was onto something but did not see what was right in front of me.

One guy, one building style (heavily influenced by Le Corbusier).
Some of these buildings are being heavily renovated and are loosing the characteristics of the original architecture. Many are glad as these blocks are often seen as big, ugly places. Braem himself once said that Belgium was the ugliest country in the world....
These complexes are all social housing projects and most inhabitants are immigrants these days. When a block is being renovated all the tenants  have to move to other housing projects. When renovation is complete often the rent becomes higher, making it impossible for the original  tenants to return.



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