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created on 21-11-2009
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I was a fool to ignore Tuscany for decades, though just at my hand, I waited until last month to soak into the famous Siena yellow and loose myself watching the cypress patterns of the Chianti countryside.

I truly think this is probably one of the only part of old Europe that can challenge India of the Moghuls on the architectural or artistic fields. Every single wall of Tuscany is covered with a painted masterpiece, even the breakfast room of your B&B will unveil a renaissance fresco. Add on top of that great wines, one of the finest cuisine in Europe, a sense of wellness and astoundly good looking, smartly dressed, women.

When you think about Siena, Firenze, Lucca or the Chianti trails under the soft and golden lights of the autumn sun, there is nothing too large to describe the incredible wealth  of Tuscany. 
I couldn't help then thinking panoramics was a minimal format to capture the feeling of overwhelming that Tuscany provides, plus a pinch of burnt Siena color to warm up the images. 


Outstanding series, Luko. Siena is special.  Your  brilliant black and whites do justice to this archetypal Tuscany town.  When I visited Siena 9 years ago with family (which included two teenage kids!!), I had difficulty doing anything but husbandry.  Although I had two OM bodies in my bag and a video camera, they mostly remained in the bag.  A pity.   But these images bring back the exact atmosphere I had seen.  More at the photos...