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created on 31-10-2009
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This year I had only a short holiday in Brittany, end of August and already almost empty beaches. On a sunny afternoon, I took out for the first time my newly acquired Holga. I also had my digital camera with me, which stayed in its bag.

It was fun, I could not care less if I would miss pictures because of the Holga. I did not pay attention to holding it still or whatever, just clicking away. I was amazed as how I could let go. There's nothing special happening on the beach, and very little PP as I find the mood is the way I saw and felt it. From this resort, St. Cast-le-Guildo, I have only this one color roll, Fujicolor Pro 400ISO, the others are in b/w and not yet developed. Know what ? I am in love with my Holga. And love is blind :-)


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