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created on 13-09-2009
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Mollevangstorget means Mollevangs Square in Swedish.  It is located in Malmo, Sweden's 3rd largest city, right across from Copenhagen, Denmark.  I was visiting my parents who live there.  On Saturdays, this market truly comes alive.  Besides all the colorful fruit and vegetable stands, it also becomes a mosaic of the many different ethnicities living in this Northern European city, a city that 30 years ago was almost purely Swedish.  I took a series of close-ups showing the changing face of this city.  The changing face of Europe.


Hi Cristian,
Your idea of this particular project is really good.  However, it is a rather difficult one.  First, I am not sure how you can really show "changing face of the city" by doing a time slice as you have done--because we don't see what was before.  Second, I am uncertain whether 'close-ups' will be able to do this, because close-ups concentrate on the characters but lose the characters' place.  Unless we see more of the place, the characters are just characters, without us knowing that they are in this north European market.  I do think you will need a wider lens, but get close with it.  Since it is impossible show the change without doing a time series, one alternative way to do this perhaps is to do a diptych, with photos of more ethnic diversity juxtaposed with those without, perhaps from more northern latitude (assuming more north you go less ethnic diversity).   Just my two cents.