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created on 22-08-2009
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The Durga Puja festival is the most important of the whole year for the residents of Kolkata. It symbolises the trumph of good over evil. In this case the godess Durga over the buffalo-headed demon Mahishasura. Thousands of statues of the godess Durga are made by sculptors in the Kumartuli district. They are then displayed in shrines throughout the city for four days and ritualy immersed in the Hooghly River on the last day of the festival


Hi, Steve,
I found it really interesting to follow your footsteps through this festival and it made me wish I could attend it some day.  I think you got nice variety of photos and some good connections with your subjects.  Overall, though, I don't think this is up to your usual meticulous standards.  I'm assuming some of the photos (besides the obvious one of the party) were shot with flash, and honestly I think the harsh light does a disservice to the images at times.  In a couple of other places, you seem to have what are more like the kind of tourist snapshot -- the boys all looking at you, for example.  A couple of places, too, I wonder about where you chose to focus (on the eye of the horse statue rather than the artist), the meaning of the gesture (the man's hand on the shoulder of the statue) and the noise (the 1600 ISO on the 200 is tough to deal with, as you know).  I suppose the one shot that to my eyes is classically lovely, if not exactly original, is the one with the people in the water.  A lot of dynamism there and nice twilight.  Well, sorry if I'm not more enthusiastic, but I'm just comparing this to some of your other phenomenal projects.  "People around the block" is a tough act to follow.  Sincerely, -Hugh