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created on 21-07-2009
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Okay, well, I know that one thing they always tell writers is "write what you know." Maybe it goes for photography as well.  Since, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm feeling a little frustrated by my photos from foreign lands, I'm going to give another whack at some homegrown weeds.

Went down to the Siren festival at Coney Island over the weekend, riding my bike many, many clicks in some blazing hot sun.   After riding so many clicks, there was nothing left to do but click off some of my own.

Write what you know?  Well, I know New Yawk.  And I know freaks.  :)))  And one of my favorite signs at Coney Island is "Shoot the Freaks!"  (Well, I'll be damned, but I don't think I actually have a photo of that sign itself. . . but nevertheless . . . )

Here are some postcards from that inimitable palace of strange and sad nostalgia.  And, as a side note, please Mr. Mayor, do not take away from us our beloved Coney Island.  Where will us freaks go then . . . ?


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