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created on 16-11-2007
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Lopburi is a city not so far from Bangkok, around 150 km. I spent just 2 days in this city last July, and the monkey there amazed me, then i didnt visit much the city, but hunted monkeys. I call this Project Lobburi Blue, because there is something sad i felt with the monkeys in Lopburi.
Lopburi can have as many as 2,000 monkeys running around the centre of town on any given day.
Originally they ventured forth from their jungle home to the city square back in the 1680s, in the time of King Narai,
when Lopburi was Thailand's second capital. The monkeys gravitated towards the local shrine for Phra Karn,
the Hindu God Kala, Lord of Creation and Destruction, and soon became considered disciples of Phra Karn.



Brilliant.  Four-legged.  One-tailed.  Inspired. 

A very emotional and sweet project that brings us to discover this town with its spiritual friends...You have made them become almost human and they are very touching indeed... Quite frankly, I would not feel at ease with them around me like you did... So this is probably as near as I ll get to them! A brillant and successful series my friend! Congratulations!
A real pro work!


Funnily enough, SImon, you've done an excellent and "sustained" job, (in English too!) of introducing your theme - I think it could be a model of the genre. You've told us why "Blue", how you feel about these wayward beasts, and thrown in some mytholgy and local history as well. I love this intro - very "Pro", cast iron logic, which proves to me once again how sdeeply erious you are about photography...