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created on 06-07-2009
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Ive gone tabula rasa on the entire Doel project as I was unhappy about several images (quality wise and visual impact). Some images were kept others are new. I'm sorry for those that had commented on the old set but I felt I had to take this step as the story deserves the best images I could produce

Doel, a village over 700 years old is best known for it's nuclear plant that towers over the port of Antwerp. Located right by the river Scheldt it has been a very know place for the people of Antwerp. As the port keeps expanding the village has been under threat. In 2007 the Belgian governement decided that the entire village would be demolished as it was declared unliveable due to the closeness of giant containerterminals and industry. Slowely residents began to leave after they received a letter stating that by september 2009 everybody needed to vacate their homes...



Ciao Steve.

Strange idea, that a government decides an entire village must go due to the expanding industries in its neighbourhood. Your approach is pretty straight forward with moody, dirty black and whites, but BOY! do they tell the story of this ghosttown in the making. We see you tried to ironicly lighten things a bit up with a nice flower in the foreground, but then the background blew that feelig away again. Broken windows, empty houses and a godforsaken church.

Wonderful work.
superbly well executed.
I strictly have nothing to complain but praise it. It's strange you began, if I remember well, with color shots but swiftly shifted to BW. Your -sometimes- depressing process matches perfectly with your topic, there's already that feel of a future ghost town.
Just brilliant.