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created on 11-02-2009
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I was going to do a few different projects based on my recent trip to Vietnam, but have decided to condense it into one larger project through a few uploads via the digipack. Why? Well its time for me to move and start doing other stuff. I've been 'inspired' by recent comments to do other stuff, rather than sit at mny computer and spend the next few months uploading my Vietnam stuff.

I traveled around quite a bit of vietnam mostly due to the fact that    I was with friends, and I wondered why I'd never visited before. What a place!

So here are my photos. Part project, part travelogue I guess. I seem to remember Francis saying something about SE Asia is a reat place to photoraph in black and white in the daytime and after a bit of PP, I guess he's right. Not that I could do any night time shooting, though, armed with only the Canon G10!


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