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created on 01-02-2009
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People of Lisboa.. right... behind that ambitious title, a modest view of Mr.and Mrs. nobody, pessoas anonimas, all of them carrying a part and the whole of this contrasted and hilly city.

I could not pretend I had a blast with this city. Gal warned me first, "I can't recommend a specific place : Lisbon is about encounters". True, it seems Lisbon is here and there, nowhere and everywhere, you run around and try to catch the soul of the city globally but you only get a vague feeling ... like the city jumped on the tram ahead of you.

After chasing souls for three or four days, I got slightly discouraged. It's only when I downloaded my CF cards I realized I kept the scent of the grilled fish at lunch, the taste of pasteis at tea time or I got the darkred color of ginjinha at night. 
A collection of Lisbon people was there, alive, chatting on my hard drive but I hadn't recognized it until I looked at them back home, I simply couldn't hear them at first hand. I think you have to learn Lisboa.   


I am trying to figure out why the quality of the images is so rich. At first I thought film, but you mention digital here. Anyway, whatever your secret is, it's a good one. I enjoyed this series a lot, although it seemed a bit unfocussed overall, I mean in terms of subject matter. I guess I was hoping for something a bit deeper, getting under the skin of the city -- maybe some nighttime shots? But not every trip or every place offers itself up so readily.
What comes through for me in this series is the sense of space around your subjects - even when they are in the company of others, physical space, social space (spacing) and psychological space........there is a sense of aloneness - of social anomie - a strong contrast to my personal experience of the city - just once in 1999/2000 spent in the almost non-stop company of friends living in the city and meeting more and more 'bright young things' at every turn........a thought provoking series - not just for the above effect on me but also for the selective use of focus throughout. best wishes Kev
Une ballade dans Lisbonne
je prends ce projet comme une ballade d'un weekend dans cette ville. c'est un projet simple et efficace, avec des très bonne images et situation,  on sent le plaisir du photographe, le plaisir de s'être balader dans la ville, le plaisir d'avoir photographier sans contrainte. Et nous le plaisir de suivre cette balade. de belles images Luko dommage que sur Holik on ne peux avoir le on et les odeurs. 

In a word delightful, like a coffee table book (and I mean it as a complement), showing us different flavours, very lighthearted easy-read, sort of guide to the atmoshpere, as oppose to tourist attractions, of the city. I am truly inspired by your ability to frame people and architecture in such a clean, precise structured manner. I am not sure about the inclusion of the following photos in this project

1)      what do you think senhor – I gather having a yellow tram is a must, and senior deep in thoughts with tram in a background is like an attempt to lead into city’s soul, however the whole photo either isn’t complex enough (perhaps another background element connecting the man with the rest), or people deep in their thoughts and trains is a subject that has been done over and over again, and putting a different spin on it is a heck of a challenge.

2)       Azul-hobo – too simplistic, with ever so often less fortunate folks, not  a big fan of the subject, think these two photos deliver different flavours of the place, but the delivery is completely different from the other 8 images, I would compare it two original work of art and it’s fakes, show the same thing but the craftsmanship isn’t there.


Beco do Espirito is my favourite, with the other 7, less popular on PH, not far behind. Love the complexity and the story (I would even call it history) told in every image.

A fascinating series Luko! All are quite strong images as usual, but 'Botero" and "doggy menuet', especially the latter,  stand out as particularly strong.