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created on 25-12-2008
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Klong Toei is a district of substandard housing in central Bangkok, by the Chao Praya River. Here you can experience Bangkok's largest shantytown with the last remnants of old wooden houses, narrow lanes, children bathing. Klong Toei is also the name of a major market, which is not touristic.
Certain part of Klong toie are not very safe, because  prostitution and  drug..
This project is going to concentrate on a small part of this large Area. I wanted to make a humain project, not show the poor poeple and dirty area, but all those people i met there, during many days i walked around. I met some very interesting and nice people there. The place is dark and the smell not always good, but I like walking in these alleys on the meeting of people. With this project I also want to show another face of the city of Bangkok.



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