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 © Steve Viscot (
22 photo(s)
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created on 28-09-2008
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I found a box of proof prints while cleaning out my closet. I was making way for our baby that will be born in a month or two. That room will now be hers. The amount of prints that I found was staggering. So I filled another closet, not finding the energy to sort them out. When I openend this box however a smell of fix came out (guess I didn't rince those proofs as well as I should..)But I was transported back to those endless nights in a darkroom. People tell me there's better things to do with your time then spending them in the dark, looking trough grainfinders and and watching the magic take place in the developer bath...Those people don't know the smell of fix. I do and it will never leave me.
These proofs were printed on Ilford multigrade IV. 
All images shot on T-Max 100 & 400.


Like i've said in my previous comment i was away until know. And like you've found your proof box I found again the "smell of fix" on this project of yours. It's great to be back.
Hy Stevev!
First time that I have seen this series...and what a great surprise. This projet goes straight to my fav, and I consider this pictures as far, the best of you. This projet is a little master piece man. Fine, very fine, delicated, perfect technical skills,...but what impressed me the most was this human touch that I can feel in each picture. But at the same time your work it's not the common work of other photographers where the look for this same feeling, but doing something conventional and not original, I mean, that you have done nice compositions and different POV.

Great,...did you think to publish these pictures?

hasta la vista,


hi Steve,

First of all .... the smell of fix ..... hmmmmmmmmm ;D                 i do like it also very much and i also have sweet memories at it.  when i think at my darkroom alias bedroom with the tricky red-light ... i'm still wondering what my neighbours were thinking :DDD

great series and i'm glad you found them back !  in a few months you can make other portraits :) 
take care, inn

Love this series of portraits.  Exceptionally well composed.  I applaud your decision to scan and upload these prints.

[Your photos are sharp, but did you use a noise reduction (e.g., Neatimage)?  Could there be a loss of grain and resolution because of this?]