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 © Steve Viscot (
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created on 20-09-2008
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Blessed be the sacred Land
Happy be the bounteous realm
Symbol of high resolve
Land of Pakistan
Blessed be thou citadel of faith
The order of this sacred land
Is the might of the brotherhood of the People
May the nation, the country, and the state
Shine in glory everlasting
Blessed be the goal of our ambition

This Flag of the Crescent and Star
Leads the way to progress and perfection

Interpreter of our past, glory of our present
Inspiration of our future
Symbol of Almighty's protection


The projet is great, strong and depth. You shows the people and the place, and there is a human touch in each picture, not just snap shots. I like a lot also how you have managed the lights and colours, and we can find this in each picture.
Hight level man, usual.

Hasta la vista,


Steve, just went through all the photos uploaded so far (16 I belive) and truly enjoyed the project, there is not only a story throught the project, but also your craftsmanship shines through the beauty of each and every image in the series, looking forward to more.