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created on 18-09-2008
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This project comes warm from Andalucia. 

One would think first about corrida and flamenco. No, my friend, Spain is the country where pasear -strolling purposelessly, seeing and getting seen- and tapear -munching on anything at anytime- is an Art.

Typical Andalucian diet, bear in mind that, except for the holy afternoon siesta, you must be walking the paseo  :

08:00 - the wake up call : coffee and milk, a tostada soaked with olive oil. Time of the day to spot the funniest looking people : who's that old mustache bloke wearing shorts and a cap?

09:30 - Time to read the news and prepare for the day with Spain's major indulgence : some churros (fritters) dipped in a thick cup of hot chocolate. I mean THICK. The futbol cafe in Granada makes the best. Hands down.

12:00 - Too early for lunch but the heat is increasing dramatically, so that you must run for cover to a bar and order una caña de cerveza (small glass of draught beer). Alcohol is never good without eating, hence a bocadillo (small sandwich) comes handy. Antonio talks about the recent articles he has read in Holà, the gossip magazine. 

14:00 - The official lunch. Outside temperature has reached the unbearable, it would be wise to gulp down a tinto de Verano for your body comfort. Red wine with casera blanca, white lemonade. Then a salmorejo, a delicious chilled cordobesetomato soup and a dish of fried fish to follow. Meanwhile, your terrace is the place to watch those slender and graceful andalucian women around.

18:00 - Siesta has been quite tiring, helado (ice cream) will help you start the afternoon paseo. It's strange to see almost all the waitresses in the Juderia are french students

21:00 - The afternoon furnace has ended, you can now look for a strategical place to drink a refreshing sangria and pick on olives. This is time for the vintage andalucians, the folk from la ONCE is passing to every table to sell lottery tickets : lottery is the national sports before futbol. 

23:00 - now that you have finished the jar of sangria. It would probably be time to find a decent bodega to munch on boquetones fritos, piquillos rellenos, chorizo or lomo ibérico, solomillo de atun, tortilla, etc. Of course that wouldn't be a genuine tapa moment without a bottle of Rioja to wash everything down.
01:00 What's better to appreciate the freshness of the night than a flan de huevos and a glass of Pedro Ximenez, the sweet sweet Màlaga wine that tastes like coffee and honey. La noche es joven, the whole town is still out on the plaza, kids running around. Enjoy.

02:00 - tomorrow will be another hard day : let's go to sleep early.    



Ciao Luko,

The last one and a half month I’ve been away from the Holiksite, two funerals and a new job took the time and interest away from fun on the web for a while. But now when the things are a bit more quiet and settled it’s a nice surprise to see what I’ve missed the last time. I also hope you are doing fine of course.

I like your Andalucian project. The small town laid back atmosphere it breaths and the Mediterranean colors are the first things that pop up when scrolling through this. 9 shots and a sunset (say what?!?) is a bit on the short side, but I see the project is still in progress so maybe you are planning to end up with your beloved 12  shots, we’ll find out. Nevertheless these 9 shots and a frekin sunset tell the story of your project quiet well, so if you decide to it the project complete button it’s still a ‘mission complete’ to me.

Your masterful intentions to crawl behind things and leave something to think about in the foreground work fantastic in these photo’s and maybe you should have done it even more in some occasions.

‘The torture never stops’ has to go straight into my favourites. (also hands down) not only because it’s great shot, not only because it’s a great Frank Zappa song, but mainly because by one of the 2 funerals (that of my father) we opened the ceremony with the ‘cheap thrills version of

Flies all green 'n buzzin' in his dungeon of despair
Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes and scratch their matted hair
A tiny light from a window hole a hundred yards away
Is all they ever get to know about the regular life in the day;
An' it stinks so bad the stones been chokin'
'N weepin' greenish drops
In the room where the giant fire puffer works
'N the torture never stops
The torture never stops

Hola! Imagino que algo de español hablas ya ?... Au cas où l'espagnol n'est pas ton fort encore je fait le comentaire en française.

Un projet très sympatique, decontracte et bien structuré. La varieté des photos le fait très interesant, avec differentes scenes et points de view. La photo du bistrot avec le verre de biere au fond est un très bon exemple d'originalité, comme celle avec le morceau de "bocadillo". Les autres, avec les differents personages degagent bien un côté familial et detendue comme on peut bien resentir en ces endroits de l'espagne.
Techniquement rien à dire, sauf un petit detail. La chaleur que tu decrives n'est pas transmise dans les photos. Tu as choisie de travailler avec des couleurs bien satures et de lumieres qui gardent un bon contraste et saturation des couleurs. C'est just un detail, mais en aucun cas une remarque problematique.

J'ai eu du plaisir à regarder ce projet ;-)