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12 photo(s)
and 2 draft(s),
created on 13-09-2008
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Making some night expriences along the road in Ladack (and others roads) with Sohrab. I never shot whith and another photographer or story teller, but I do admit that we had a lot of fun ... especially in the 'sand storm' :) Many thanks again to him for 'his beautiful soul' ... :)


It is only whilst looking at its entirity that I see the chromatic wave that seems to be the backbone of this project, shifting from yellow, to green, to blue, orange...A very different view of the ladakh I know but a very personal and poetic approach, highly influenced by our mutual friend Sohrab;-) Bravo l'ami!
Un beau projet, mais surtout original et différent à ce que j'ai vu jusqu'à présent sur Holik, et chez toi. Une belle surprise, intéressante et qui fait bien réfléchir et questionner differents manieres de travailler avec la photographie pour transmetre des ambiances et des emotions.

Tu mets la bar haute,

Ciao Arnaud,

Like Simon said, I wouldn't mind to see some more shots aswell, but ok we have 8 beautiful photo's already here. the fist 4 are a bit monochromatic and the last 4 are a colorful explosion with the same style. I wonder if that is because after the first 4 you suddenly 'dared' to add some more color into the project, but anyway they work well together. This project is far from ordinary, in fact I find it highly original and inspirational, for that reason i'll put it in my favourite projects so I can easily find it back ;o)

A baby project  like you said
i wish we could see more of this awesome project Arnaud
its a baby pearl for Holik. Very poetic work and nice try.
congrat friend ;o)