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created on 10-11-2007
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This is more a "photo projet" about travel.
I made a trip last year during 15 days. In the end a very nice experience and meetings.
I made a part of my trip with two Swiss who were trainee at the hospital in Morondava. Sooo many scary stories ... Gloups ...
... Then with a nice french guy ... "a real traveler" (6 months in France 6 months abroad).
But sure the best opportunity was to discover Malagasy. Malagasy with 18 ethnic groups whose vezos, nomadic ethnic seas. I made 217 miles with them.


c'était  non  !! c'est un magnifique projet, avec une variété d'images extraordinaires.
un moment de bonheur que d'avoir découvert une à une ces images. Et quel travail de cadrage !!
super bravo Nono
Man...for me is the best projet here in Holik. Each picture is great, and many of them are in my own galery of favorites pictures on Holik: The first, the second, the third...until the last ;-) . Each picture it shows how to do a composition, how to tale a story, how to make dream...and I'm not saying all this just for to make pleausure to you, it's true, and really sincerely.
Also I like how you have organiced the projet, each picture with the next, and after the next, makes the complet story, a very nice story where time seems to be stopped.

Did you think to do a book with this projet ? but a real book ...

Hasta la vista,

20 classy, highly original images thatt make up a feast for the eyes. You have a fantastic Eye Arnaud. This honestly is first rate work! a fav