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created on 23-07-2008
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Jun was the month for this big event in Paris. The gay pride 2008. I will make a small project about this great event. My intention during this parade was  to isolate as much as possible my model and to create a contrast with the environment of the street. I wanted to work in black and white and most of the picture are with wide angle.

Eric did start one in color then i will in black and white.



A funny little master piece for me. Technicaly nothing to say (very fine B&W, and very well managed the composition, practicaly every time different), but is the atmosphere that you have catch and the people who you have catch what gives the power to this projet. You have well managed what could be just a snap shots series in a gay parade, with all the classic things but with out the soul of the moment and of the persons passing by. I have find something special in every picture about the person that you have catch, my prefered: "give me five...minutes".

I have enjoy myself  looking this projet,

Hasta la vista,