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created on 30-06-2008
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Point your brollies skyward, New York.
A soaking lies in wait.
Electrify yourself with lightning,
Feel thunder reverberate.
Discard your picnic plans,
your garden grand,
your wedding date.
Make a stand, and
Resign yourself to fate.
Walk between the raindrops, Gotham.
Welcome to the Umpire State.


I'm happy to have done this really nice walk in Manhattan, around the Empire State...a pleausure. All the serie is strong, original, and dinamic...I think that you have well managed every picture, and how put every one on the projet. You have played a lot with the reflxions on the water, but it was not boring. In every picture you have used a different composition, a different cropt. I like too, how you have introduced the pictures of people walking by the street with the umbrellas, giving a dinamic feeling to this projet.
Lights and colours are really well managed, giving a very special atmosphere: city life, but with a poetic touch. Great.

I will wait for the next one ;-)

Hugh, not since the B/W elegiac intro to Woody's "Manhattan" has anyone sung such a poem to New York, grieviously wounded though it was a few years ago, there is still something about Manhattan, and you have done it rpoud in this elegant, smart and nostalgic series. I hear Gershwin playing throughout except for the one with the purple lady's back which frankly doesn't belong in the set, in my humble view...
Splendid work though, Hugh, your most beautiful and stirring work to date.