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created on 18-06-2008
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Zombie Walks have been public events that have grown in popularity over the last few years in a number of North American cities. The idea has more recently crossed the Pacific Ocean to Australia, where the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle in its third year. It's an opportunity for people from all 'walks' of life and all ages to lather themselves in corn syrup and gore, sever limbs, tear up old clothing and take to the streets to wreak havoc...  no harm is really done and it's quite a jovial--if surreal-- experience to be carried along with such a crowd.

For me, it was a temptation to crank out the ol' SLR, pop in a bit of Tri-X and see if I couldn't "unearth" something more from behind the faces teeming with blood and tissue...

June 2008-May 2009



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