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created on 28-05-2008
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There are ghosts in the machine.  Commuters, renegades, spirits, perambulators.  The desperate, the lost, the hoping, the hopping.  They move like moles through tunnels of light and dark.  They are photons made of flesh and salt.  They stand alone and they stand together, alone.  They are the demiurges.  And they are the demisurges.  Life and lunacy, underground.


Hi Hugh! This project enchants to me, each taking has its personality, its character and its way to understand subway. The set perfect, dynamic and is technically very obtained without no image goes off key. It attracts to me and it gives me to understand different lives. I find photos full of human contrast, whit a point of view near and real. I like all the shots but I like very much the "caution" and the "eye spy" Thanks for share!

Hello Hugh...

I wanted to comment on alot of the photos individually, but I'm not able to expend so much energy...well, I'm not allowing myself to expend the energy...Ha!  8?}

Anyhow. A) I'm always glad to see another photographer from the states, it seems we're a rare bunch right now...B) There is an excellent control of movement and dynamics in your series.

The opening shot with caution tape is a wise choice as an opening photo, there is a bit of intrique as to what might be happening...what your exact intention might be.
Then there is Good Day in New York...just look at the scene through the window, incredible. I love the detail and drama of such a contained story. You've also displayed a grasp of geometry best displayed in your photo Mystery of Godliness...the inverted shadow seems a great counterpoint to the subject..
There is a great complexity to May they Spread Their Wings...The bowing foreground head (distraught and burdoned), the uplifted head in the poster (happy and displaying the ideal of capitalism), and the ambivalent woman poking around the corner...It's a lovely display of American life and values right now.
Do Not Lean is just a calssic street photo..gobs of humor.
Great photos Hugh.