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created on 23-05-2008
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People come from the poorest areas of Thailand and find jobs in building sites.
For months, they live and work in the same place, in temporary villages made of wood and sheet metal.



First, I'm emoptionally tied to this series, as I have one in the works (actually all of the film is developed, I just have to print the photos) which is very similar. I worked on a project called the National harbor here in the states, and the 8 or 9 months I was there I spent a good time shooting photos. I won't have too many close-ups (Unions are tough in the States), but anyhow, maybe I'll post the photos someday.
That said, i wonder about the switch to color part of the way through the series...I can't say that I follow the direction. The great thing about many of your shots is the great dynamic  qualities of the scene alone, color is only an effect for me. I also feel as though B&W serves the Blue Collar workers better, there is a on/off quality to their lives an wake/work/sleep/wake/work/sleep repetition that lends itself the B&W photography.
Mind you, this isn't really a probelm at all...due to the overall quality, just an observation. Anyway, the series touches home for me and also the photos are great documentry  work.


Hello Simon,
This documentary project combined very well
your deep sense of humanity and your
graphic designer ability