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created on 11-05-2008
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The opposite side of my project "Ugly city", where I slyly grit processed urban images of Seoul to stress my own view on the city.

Some of the same images and most of the situations have been already displayed in the previous project : it just takes a few colors and a second look to get another point on anything photographical.   


Some of your photos of Seoul are terrific.  Especially Wanna Dance?  And Beondegis in Color.  I just visited this city for the first time in January and I love it there.  (I posted one project and am going to post some more -- nothing nearly as realized as this one, though.) The people are so quietly elegant and among their rather functional architecture.  The street life is so present.  The Koreans seem so optimistic and centered.  I'm going back in April for a couple of weeks just to wander around with my friend who lives there.  It may be "ugly" in a way, but it's beautifully ugly.  It's an ugly beauty.  And the more I say ugly, actually, it doesn't seem to apply.   It's a mundane place with subtle beauty that needs to be sussed out.  And the people certainly make it beautiful in the end, for me.  Anyway, I do enjoy most of these photos -- some certainly stand out.  The colors are really notable -- especially since I was there in the winter and my perecption was a place of very subdued colors, as opposed to the dayglow vision you found.  Well, this is less a critique than a personal reflection, but there you go.  Best, -h.

Ciao Luko,

I know this project is gonna have 2 more shots, but I don't think you are gonna screw up that much, that I have to change my rating ;o) so here we go...

A parisian going to another city and comes to the conclusion that the city is not half as beautiful as 'home' is no big surprise. I can see you wandering around here with a small citymap asking all the passerby's that are NOT on the phone, where you can find 'Ile de la cita' or seouls Latin Quarter, but suddenly the phone rang or the advertisment bus passed and the directions got lost in translation... sacre bleu! In the end we see you found 'Pigalle' but even that was not satisfying the mind.

What I am trying to say is, if we had asked Hemmingway to point out the best writer ever he would have point with all fingers to himself. Parisians have the same kind of arrogance about their city and I'm not saying they are wrong, Paris is the most beautiful large city I have ever seen, but maybe they are not the right people to ask such judgements ;o).

I got to know you as the traveler from 'the other site' with all the worldmap colored yellow except for Antarctica maybe, so I accept you have seen quite a bit of the world and therefor I accept your judgement of Seoul, but still............

you are a parisian...


ps. great duo-project, though I think the 'uglyness' works even better in color...  

I agree fully with Animesh - amazing the degree to which both your BW and color version lead to the same conclusion (in my book): DON'T BLOODY GO THERE UNLESS YOU REALLY, REALLY HAVE TO;o) Okay, we Japanese are biased (not because Tokyo is THAT lovely itself or Japan really superior but Tokyo is not THAT ugly, either ;o)
Having said that many of these shots are beautiful and remarkably inventive for being taken in such a short time (take the avatar for one). SO without wanting to wax all perverse on you, my friend, I would say this entire series is much more about Luko in Seoul than Seoul, ugly...or not. And that doesn't make it any less interesting.

It might be worthwhile drawing some comparisions between your Parision tour and this series, looking for "points communs).

Very nice work and a trulyr efreshing series. (And now where's that bloody NUKE button???) Oops...
Well, Luko, whatever you say here, my impression of your impression of Seoul remains unchanged in my mind.   The whole series is full of ominous foreboding and lost souls of Seoul.  A mighty achievement.