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created on 11-05-2008
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I have been trying to hone my skill in seeing and shooting strong shadows and silhouettes (about two years ago Kajal inspired me to do that) and colours for a while now. This project is a compilation of pictures from various places, many of which the ex-TE-ers have already seen. Sorry about the repeat show. Hopefully, you will find a few new among the mix. These are all shot with the same camera (Canon 350D) and same lens (17-40). Looking forward to your honest criticism and suggestions as I would like to make progress on this front. Thanks.


Interresting project Prantik
To my opinion this project could be a little more developed.
This subject is large and offer so many possibility.
I find that nine photos not that much  and a little bit frustrating.
Even i found some really good picture, but for the project i couldn't vote full.
The nice thing about being absent of the site is to discover this completed project! It is absolutely great! There is a strong unity and a great lead throughout the series! This is my heart beat of the day ;-) Congratulations Prantik!
This makes a brilliant collection, Prantik.  Sets a very high standard for all of us.  Vibrant color, stylistic composition where shadows play the role of projecting movement and life, precious moments frozen for us.  Thematic unity across vast geographical boundaries.

I would like to see these in a gallery some day.