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created on 22-04-2008
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One of the things that I really enjoy watching in Korea is bullfighting. It's of a completely different type to what goes on in Spain and at the end of the fight the bull doesn't die. It might be a bit battered and bruised and the owner embarrassed (and angered at the loss) but it doesn't suffer too much. Not only do I enjoy the pre-match events and the actual fight (and the bulls) but it also gives me a great chance for people watching. The country folk come out in their masses, but sometimes city people will come bringing their strange fashions and habits.

I'd like to dedicate this project to the bulls themselves in all their glory and colour.



Very nice series. Quite a few of the photos are strong. I am not sure about the title image, but I like several inside. More later...

An interesting antropological projet ;-) You shows well this evenement of the bullfighting. You have start showing us the main subjet of this projet, and how it arrives to the"arena", ending with the bull fight. The timing of this series is well done. I think that the idea is good, but I find the pictures of the beggining not many strongs in composition, specially the second, where the idea of the reflexion is really good, but you have cropt too close on the bull. After, there are some pictures interestings, but a little repetitive. I would prefer to see a little bit more the atmosphere of the place. For exemple a larger view of the place, the faces of the spectators...

But the best has arrived! Yes! Your last pictures are strongs, we can feel the power of these animals. The compositions and points of view are really well dones, as the lights and colours. Unfortunately you have close the projet, it was really really interesting at this point. I don't know if you can add still some pictures of the end of the fight. I would like to see more :-)

Interesting projet, but looking at your last pictures (great pictures!) I think that you can do better at the begining.
I will wait for the next projet.

Best regards, hasta la vista,