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created on 29-03-2008
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On my way to Fiji last feb., I had the opportunity to overnight in Seoul (strange as it may seem, it's one of the easiest way to reach the Pacific islands from Europe, thanks to Korean Air whimsical network... although I won't complain.). I only stayed one night in and another one out, Just the time to take a handful of pics on reptilian brain mode (the one we use for reflexes), jet lagged to the depth of my spinal cord and like a walking ghost, I almost fell asleep inside the guts of the city, line 2 of Seoul subway system. 

I wish I had more prepared this trip, maybe I would have asked some tips beforehand to the indigenous seoulites also settled in Holik (Rafal for instance). 

Something immediately struck me with the uglyness of the city, although I woudn't say it's devoid of any charm. Dazzled with the greyness and the number of so many similar and impersonal housing complexes coming out from the soil, but also amazed with the lively feel of the city as soon as the sun has set and the office hours are off. Seoul lives with its people, probably more than any other town.

This view of the city is a personal and subjective take, where I chosed to enhance the gritty sides of an "Ugly City" with the processing to go with. Perhaps to counterbalance my slyness, someday I will also try another photo essay which I'll call "Beautiful Seoul". 



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