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created on 27-03-2008
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I remember a couple of years ago when a friend stated that there was no 'good' architecture to be seen in Busan. I guess that's a bit of an understatement. I've been walking the streets of Busan for a few years now and there is no defining architecture, nothing that might fit in any period or style of achitecture, nothin that might grace the pages of say, Architecure Monthly.

'Function over Form'

No where does that seem evident than in Busan, South Korea (in my opinion). Apart from the modern appartment complexes (tall slabs of dull coloured concrete) everything else just rises then falls and is replaced by some other odd looking structure. I've taken it upon myself to find some beauty amongst this ugliness, be it a close-up of a building, a view from up high or some strange colours resulting from a long exposure. I'm gonna seek it out, until I've found a series of 'beautiful' architecture.


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