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created on 24-02-2008
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Back in October 2005, a business trip took me to Cape Town, South Africa. With a free day before returning home, I decided to take one of the organised tours to the Langa township. I went as a tourist and not as a photographer. In my sometimes turbulent affair with photography, it had been almost six years since I had taken a 'photograph' rather than a 'snapshot'. But something compelled me to treat this expedition a little more creatively and to document the tour in black-and-white. Not having Photoshop then (or even being aware of its existence) meant using the built-in black-and-white mode of the Panasonic FZ-5 superzoom I had bought some weeks earlier. 

This project is the record of that tour to Langa. It will not be a technical masterpiece but I hope will present a small insight into the lives of some of the inhabitants. Without Photoholik, most of these images would have been condemned to the darkness of the computer hard drive, never to be submitted to public exhibition.


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