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created on 22-02-2008
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I have not had any experience in working with projects or running a series, so this is a first for me.  It's ok.  Don't hold back,  let it rip.  Tell it like it is.

Last June, I had the opportunity to walk through a neighborhood of tastes smells, sights and sounds.  Up and down Restaurant row somewhere between Hell's Kitchen and Times Square vendors propped up tents, and set up stalls in order to lure in future customers and prospective suppliers. 

Although you might not be able to taste Times Square from where you are right now, I do hope you will at least get a feeling of what it was about.



Brian please read my comment to your last picture.
this is not a project  this is just 3 pictures.
Do you realy think you can make a subject like this
in 3 pictures ??

you should maybe read the guideline and FAQ again.

My opinion now is that i would love delete this project from photoholik.
This is far from what we expect from holik member !!