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created on 19-02-2008
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This is a series of images exploring the aspects of mud workers in the town of Abano and Montegrotto Terme.

Already in the antiquity, since the time of the Romans, these thermal waters came suitable like curative waters then Abano/Montegrotto has become the European capital City of the Curative Muds and Thermal Baths. The Mud, to have the specific characteristic that does it an appreciated therapeutic instrument,  needs a slow and complex process of biological maturation. Such process has given by Abano/Montegrotto thermal water fonts that, for its chemical components and to the its tall temperature (until to 87degrees), staying in continuous errand in the mud it is able to change the chemical characteristics, physics and pharmacological. During this slow mixture the mineral part of the mud joins with the organic part (humus), forming humominerals unity . These unity, equipped with elevated mechanics and chemical stability assure the therapeutic ownerships of the mud baths of Abano Montegrotto.



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