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created on 17-02-2008
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CRC webpage:

Children's Rehabilitation Center (Philippines):

The CRC provides psycho-social therapy for children and parents that are victims of state violence.  The Philippines is one of the worlds most corrupt counties (taking over the #1 spot from Indonesia for Southeast Asia) and it's government is anything except a government for the people.

The current Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) administration is actually doing worse for human rights than the dictator Pres. Marcos for the length of time she's been in office.  According to a recent UNICEF book ('Uncounted Lives: Children and Women in Conflict in the Philippines') over 200,000 women and children have been victims of military atrocities since GMA came to power in 2001.

According to respected human rights watchdog 'Karapatan,' the GMA regime (from 1 Jan to 31 October 2007) is accused of:

Extra-Judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions… 68 // 209 in 2006, [Total: 887 (since 21.1.01)]
Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances… 26 // 78 in 2006, [Total: 185]
Torture… 29
Illegal Detention… 116
Forcible Evacuation or Displacement... 7542

Karapatan 2007 Human Rights Report:

UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston confirmed much of this in his 2007 report and clearly points the finger at the government.  To download his final report please visit:

The above numbers dipped for 2007 (and will probably continue to remain low for the first few months of 2008) most likely because of increased international attention and the visit of a UN Special Rapporteur.  In early 2008 the Philippines, which ironically sits on the UN Human Rights Commission, is due for a periodic human rights review.


Getting around to some project critiques today.

I wrote to you in your new project about gold mining that I see that one as straoght PJ...only the facts, ma'am. And I also said that this one was for me more editorial, where its not only the facts but also more of your authorship and your commentary on the story. And if I was to choose which I prefer, id say this more editorial approach. I like very much the varirty of shots, angles and moods. But the story I think is more than just th sum of its parts. Youve created a good, solid, touching story about a real issue. Kudos
Great work Alex, in 10 picture and your note  we can feel this project.
also a great quality.  I would maybe go to 15 pictures.
anyways congrat for this pro work.
Just a few words, Alex to thank you for this attention grabbing series. No only did you manage to get your story across eloquently and with great force but photographically... you showed a lot of chops, you varied your shots as much as it is physically possible in 10 shots or so.
All in all a very impressive piece of photojournalism with flair. What struck me was how confident the work is, and "pro" for lack of a better word.