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created on 16-02-2008
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People in Yemen are lovely, hospitable and wonderful. However, as a foreigner I cannot help to be baffled at the position women seem to have in their society.

In Yemen women are reduced to ghosts, or shadows. You barely see any women in the streets, and when you do they are either with their male relatives, or the rare times they are alone, they are going from point A to point B, but never do they linger outside. All service businesses cater to men: restaurants, hair saloons, tea houses, qat dens. Maybe I am culturally insensitive, but I can't help but see some cruelty in this reality.

The small concessions done to femininity are allowing small girls to walk outside in colourful beautiful dresses, but once they are considered women, they are confined to the shadows.  However, inside their houses an among their male relatives, women are free to act, lo live and to even dress in a colourful way.


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