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created on 15-02-2008
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J'ai decide de vous proposer, une journée photographique, à Paris.
J'aime déambuler au hasard des rues et je m'arrête en arrêt, dès que je sens une situation ou une atmosphère particulière.
Cette journée, celle du 23 decembre 2007, était lumineuse à souhait, et je profitais, une fois n'est pas coutume, du temps necessaire pour me ballader selon mon grès.
Les images sont classées par heure de prise de vue, en NB ou en couleurs.
Ce projet peut sembler un peu limité, mais je trouve qu'il est assez difficile de conserver sa concentration; tout au long d'une journée; et d'essayer de vous proposer un cheminement cohérent au travers de mes images.

I decide to propose to you, one day photographic, in Paris. I like to randomly saunter streets and I stop in stop, as soon as I feel a situation or a particular atmosphere. This day, that of December 23, 2007, was luminous with wish, and I profited, once is not habit, of necessary time for me ballader according to my sandstone. The images are classified per hour of catch of sight, out of NB or colors. This project can seem a little limited, but I find that it is rather difficult to preserve its concentration; throughout one day; and to try to propose to you a coherent advance through my images.



Ciao Jacques,

The idea of bringing a project like a diary of 23 december 2007 is an interesting base to start with as it gives you the highest amount of freedom. So the switching between black and white and color is, althought not adding to the cohesion, a posibility that is easy to swallow by the viewer. However it does not mean that any kind of colorshot can be added without disturbing the rest. The 3th photo is way to colorful, it sticks out of the rest screaming for attention while the rest of the colorshots are much moodier and goup in the whole series much better. That being said; I think it's a nice little trip, we start in the open park and after some dixie band music and some swinging around we end up in a dark tunnel going home... c'est la vie...

so overall very nice, though it could be a bit more daring photograpy wise to me...