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 © Valeria Berti (
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created on 04-02-2008
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Just a  short project (5 images) about Venice viewed in a different way... against the light and playing with the overexposure in camera..


Ho i see any comment here.
Valeria i will be honest with you, i love the idea of this project
but i am not happy with the picture.
1 i think not much picture
2 i dont like much all the composition of the pictures here, for this project i was more looking for something more crazy with the composition.
3 i am not that sure in black and white, burned picture would maybe work more in color.
i have work for more 10 years in special effect for advertising movie, and at the time when production had money to make a movie in 35mm film. when you look ar the rush of movie, you can see when the camera start to shoot a sequence. the 2 or 3 picture are always burned, and in color it was always amaze me how it look so beautifull.