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 © Simon Kolton (
19 photo(s)
and 1 draft(s),
created on 22-01-2008
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A project about the street and the daily life street in bangkok.

i will post just black and white in this project, maybe later, i will make a color project.
follow me.
After some interesting exchange with Luko, i did rename this project " Bangkokers "
and will more present you some portraits about people i met during my long walk there.


Ciao Simon,

Again you mastered the subject perfectly. Black and white was absolutely the right choise as I can't find a shot in here that needs more color than this ;o) The order in which you put the shot feels like we start walking somewhere in the centre, arive in the poor suburbs and slowly walk back to the centre again. Now I know that Bangkok is a big city so that's probably a tremendous walk, but for a marathonrunner (which i'm not) it might seem plausible... so, nice to be strolling around with you on the streets of Bangkok, great work...

Luko was right about renaming this thing, Simon. Seen as a whole it does have a certain "allure", and I sympathize with your desire to just "shoot" in the streets of Bangkok  without worrying too much about taking your time and other "pro" considerations. Also BW was an appropriate choice, no argument there. But whereas you BW photos of Haiphong years ago for example, or  those wonderful series of pics from the North of Thailand were  almost "epic" in quality and extremely moving, these BKK photos seem a little "small" to me. Remember street shooting is what I do, I am familiar with the disappointments, the difficulty of scoring a really big Hit no matter how many hours one spends hunting for scenes...
As much as I am a huge fan of your Isan series and the extraordinary "In he mood" color series, all shot in Thailand, I must confess I am a little disappointed with this one, my friend. Others may and no dount will disagree. Perhaps Luko himself will swoop down from Fiji and "prove" to me that I  am wrong and that this is in fact your best work, ever...;o) But I doubt it somehow.
We are honest with each other, it's the only way.