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Nosy Ajanta
second 'test' dark room print
400trix, printed on Ilford warm tone
taken in Madagascar, when I arrived on Nosy Ajanta island. Maybe just 50 persons live here (Vezos nomads's sea)
Registred camera LEICA MP with LEICA SUMMICRON-R f/2/50 (II) (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:1/14 - 1/1000 - 400 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename mad2.jpg


Salut Arnaud, superb image..i love the detail of the man you have captured here...and his vision of the sea is our vision..i can say only..GREAT!
Hi nono, this picture is very inspiring, it is timeless, all the details are finelly included in the screen, the rop, the feets strongly standing on the wood  give strenght  and power to this representation.
I can feel the heat , here the sound of the see ....
it is a beautiful graphical picture

Thank you

Hello Arnaud
j'avai vue celle ci en tirage, et je trouve le resultat ici très agréable.
superbe composition, et belle lumière. une belle seconde image pour illustrer ton projet, toujours bien d'avoir des détails dans un reportage.
je suis curieux de voir la suite.

c'est simple et le cadrage est etonnant,comme le precise Gal, bcp de details grace a une qualite impressionnate. Pour moi ca veut dire, on arrive, on jette l'encre et on découvre l'ile d'en face.
Salut Nono. Peu d'éléments dans la scène mais tous avec un niveau de détail impressionnant. Qulqu'un l'a relevé: on voit les poils sur une jambe qui est pourtant quasi imberbe. J'aime la division horizontale du cadre en plusieurs plans et la façon dont l'arrière plan s'estompe dans un léger flou laissant deviner une étendue de sable immaculé. Félicitations pour le gros travail qui a été fait pour monter le site. T'embrasse.
While it may be similar to Sohrab's its also very different. Sohrab's is sad, this one is hopeful or dreamy. Ive always loved the sea, open water. It has a positive connotation in my head, its so open and inviting you just wan to get on a boat and sail away. And thats maybe what he is doing, leaving the land and taking off to freedom. The dry, dead land in Sohrab's is almost the opposite of this.
Hi Nono, 
So you are watching on steps of Sohrab..!!!
I am rembering This..

very meaningful...things you are doing..just get going..
Salut Nono,
You can even see the hair on his calf! Wonderful close crop, delicious invitation to jump into the ocean... you have resisted the lure of the obviously tantalizing colours, and the result is excellent. I probably would have immediately either dived into the water or the colour, ha! But it is you who come out as a winner :)
A simple and graphical 'first view', as it were, Nono.  A smart way to express your sense of curiosity for this island.  The cut-off feet show a sense of exploration and of the unknown. Good black and white.

You already know what I think about this one! I just love it! I'd feel like diving in the grey ocean, and take some sun right away! brillant compo, and great lab processing;-)

Salut voisin ;o) Encore une fois tu demontres la superiorite de l'analogue au niveau des tons. Le fait que ton cadrage soit au poil ne fait qu'accenter ces avantages... Excellente serie, qui fait reflechir.