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The 50's look
New York
United States
Adding to the feel of the place, the 50's look
APN Canon
Registred camera CANON EOS-1Ds Mark II (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:7,1 - 1/500 - 250 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename 5d5436 edited lo ph.jpg


I will somewhat disagree with Francis about tonality being the biggest issue, IMO while locally some contrast possibly could have been improved (looks like the light was pretty flat to begin with, not helping bw in the first place).

My concern with this image is that there is a bit of disconnect between the elements in the image, or simply the pieces don't fall together to make the whole.

I get the 50s connection, and the typical Coney odd characters, dude definetely could get a shirt from the shop behind, but the lady is somehow disconected from the rest of it, I need someone staring at her chest or something  to help the flow.

Actually a cleaver "juxtaposition" candid, somewhat a la Erwitt, Didier. My problem (and this perhaps explains the lack of comments here) is again the "characterless" grey tonalities of your BW - it tends to flatten the scene, not something you really want.
Also, and again it's just my opinion but, have you thought about seeking the "heroic" in the everyday, you know at a time when the world is going to hell in a barrel, are trhere no heroes for you to exalt in the streets of that great city? Now this is just my bias, but if you look at a lot of my street shots, you will see an attempt to frame the subjects as if they were starring in a movie, it's just one way I guess, and then the tones.
I'm saying this to yu because you've really uploaded some interesting and engaging stuff and I reckon you deserve (we all deserve) deeper comments so we can grow on this damn site, eh? No offense meant at all, I love your choice of locales in NYC and I am rooting for you.