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Bo Muang fishing port
Bo Muang
one for the "work" project

Nikon F3 - provia 100F, scanned from 2 successive frames

APN EPSON - Perfection V10/V100
Registred camera EPSON Perfection V10/V100 (Bridge/Compact)
Orignal filename bomuang107 copy.jpg



As I told you, this project is outstanding.  The successive action works very well.  And I am impressed by the image quality.

Great shot Steve. Definately needs to be seen bigger to be appreciated more. I had a look at your link and I'm very impressed with your display of your photos (in fact I'm in awe!). I love how you've assembled them into what looks like one big montage.
The whole "ice business" in SE Asia is fascinating - backbreaking work - I shot some of that in a market in Hanoi. Listen, Steve this whole series (once it is reloaded) is just the nuts, man! Really a standout contribution and another reason why we absolutely need you back. I'm still thinking "exhibition" fot this. WHy don't you contact Kev Ryan who runs an Art Center in Leicester - this series, centered as it is on labor in that part of the world, is perfect for him, I swear.
Really good to have you back, bro.
The brightness of the ice is incredib'. The worker series is very very nice.