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/photo view

the business of fish
Palolem, Goa
woman buy fresh fish / fishermen bring in the catch.

As with the previous image, a single scan of 2 successive frames.
Provia 100F
APN nikon F3
Registred camera NIKON F3 (Reflex camera)
Orignal filename work13.jpg


I too like these photos. The slight angles on your camera really add to the photos and provide a bit of life to the shots. The shot to the right, love it...the left shot looks as though there was a flash going off, it's the only thing that I can see that distracts me.
Yes, splendid. Each of the two shots is good. Together they transcend either. Excellent. This needed quite a bit of planning, if you intended to do this before shooting.
Just splendid, I think your best so far.  This is a killer project.  My compliments, Cristian
The loveliest, most poetic of this brilliant set so far, Steve. There is clear separation, I mean "difference" here between the two shots, and they complement each other very well. Superior work.
You are showing us quite a colour palette in this project ;-)

Another splendind addition to your project, exhibition worthy.