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Istanbul Ili
Beyoglu, Istanbul
APN ----
Orignal filename hz04.jpg


Ho i missed this beautiful picture Luis, i am glade Luko made a comment, then i could see it. this is a beautiful shot. love this strong black and white.
I like what steve wrote here and i agree. [ Very sophisticated vertical composition ]

Fine reading. 
Istanbul is many things at a time, here is the eastern european city side of it. No more romance with Aziyadé, only cold urban architecture and german bankers.  
Great use of both architecture and the sudden change in illumination. A fine addition to a very enjoyable project (even if I appear to be critical from time to time!).
Like the framing, the graphical spin, the b/w is just perfect ..
 Another gorgeous addition to this sad parade, Luis, okay this "melancholic" series. Interesting how you managed ot make these Istanbul structures look soooo tall, like midtown NYC, ya know?
Very unusual twist on a classic compositional paradigm--those twisting helices make the photo uniquely attractive. Just love your contrast and tonality.
Good work, the vertical composition, light and contrast, geometry are all spot on.

I think the pederastrians are not placed perfectly though, not sure how long you would have to wait for the perfect moment, nor what that perfect moment would have been ;-)
Very sophisticated vertical composition. A fine image no now that we're of the Bosphorus, are we going to have a  stroll in the city?  I'll gladly follow in your steps...