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A photograph from the other side of the Gange.
Registred camera HOLGA 120G (Reflex camera)
Orignal filename para-17.jpg


This is a compelling image, both for its anachronistic and surreal atmosphere and also for its severe minimalism. That trio of figures and the kite are just marvelous elements.  A dream under the moonlight, as it were. That 13 is the ultimate surreal element.
Hey brother.
What cought my attention here are the very different reviews for this image, from Steve's and CT not so warm comments, to very interesting observation by Francis and search for the deeper meaning by Hugh, for that alone you can assume it's a winning proposition since it creates such a diverse response.

I am with Steve and CT here, I would even go further and equate Holga's technical shortcomings to some cheap PS tricks, the burnt out areas and the scary 13 numbers are so prominent that they clearly overpower what could have been a quite successfull, well fitting into the project, image. I gather my opinion is similar to couple of other technically overpowered images in this spectacular project.

I was in half a mind about this one, Nono, over the last few days, and uncharacteristically refrained from commenting. I was going to say that the shot really needed to be shown BIG in a gallery to fully appreciate the impact of the tiny figures (as opposed to here at 750 pixels wide...) I was going to further say that this is the kind of "divisive" shot that makes one want to ask: is this just some pretentious BS, a Max Pam reject, the kind of thing the great French guru Christian Caujolles would praise post D'Agata and wish to curate??? Is it on the other hand the kind of thing the very serious Gerard Depardon would find dault with? And where does one stand in all that?

Bottom line, your Holga is a very bad girl sometimes ;o) in a good way I guess ;o) And this morning, in a monsoonish Tokyo, on my little laptop screen, the shot looks rather good, especially the lovely "13" which adds quite a bit to it accidentally, and I vote "Yes".

ps. And what for the love of God does Luko think about it - I'd really like to hear that!

Agree with Steve.  I think a bit self-indulgent (I do not mean it as personal affront as we all fall guilty of this at times), or I am missing the point completely (which is not entirely impossible).

Don't know about this one Nono. Your Varanasi series have always been great with high visual impact. This image feels a bit of of place.
Another very beautiful addition to the series, Arnaud.  A good one to add because it's quite different than the others.  What are the numbers "13" signifying?
Très beau Arnaud même de l'autre coté, cela me donne de plus en plus envie d'y aller.

Ps  yup pour ton message et cette semaine ok  :)